Cliff Village is a Tetris-like game, where your tetrominos consist of resource fields can be cultivated by your villagers. Your starting village is trying to gather resources and find new places to expand.

Your sole task is to place new tetrominos so that your villagers can access more resources and thus expand to new plains. 

The goal is to grow your population as big as possible. The catch - placing new tetrominos will cover existing resource fields or plains. No resources can be gathered from covered fields and already existing villages will be crushed.

Place your given tetrominos wisely, so your village can prosper.



 A field for creating new villages


Your villagers need food. They can get it here.


The source of life - very important for your villagers


Needed to sustain your village buildings and creating new ones.


Also needed for buildings and tunnels.


Dead land ... no use for your villagers.


  • Arrow keys: rotate tetromino
  • A, S, D, W: move tetromino
  • Space: release tetromino

Developed by:

  • Martin Proprentner
  • Alexander Isopp
  • Manuel Hobisch
  • Stefanie Arndorfer

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